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Forefathers off Gerrit hartsinkFamilie Hartsink


So far we can see now we think that the name Hartsink from our family is started with the born of Gerrit Hartsink on 4 March 1832 in Ouder-Amstel in Holland.

His father was Joannes Hermanus (Harmen) Hassing. He is, after 2 times to be married, from the place Lünten nearby the town Vreden in Germany moved to Ouder-Amstel in Holland. He has worked there as a gunpowder servant in the local factory. Here he is married for the 3rd time with Catharina (Trijntje) Voogd ( of Voogt ).

He could not read or write. Through this and the badly to read documents is possibly the course of the surname change. From the 6 children he had 3 of them have a different surname namely Hassink, Harsing and Hartsink.

For the sake of clearness we splits the family tree in two parts.


             Forefathers off Gerrit hartsinkFamilie Hartsink